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Events before Ironman

This has probably been asked lots of times before but I can't find any answers.
I'm planning to complete my first IM distance event in August of next year and am starting to look at events to enter before hand.
Can anyone offer any advice on what type of events to enter and when leading up to August?


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Is this your first ever event? If it is then start early season with at least one sprint or Olympic distance race to get you into the idea of racing. You can turn these races into a part of your training - you may want to test the waters on a particular element: getting used to open water starts as an example.

    Lots of people will also try and get a 70.3 done at least two months before your 'A' race. This will give you a good test of your current fitness and will also tell you what you need to work on, and if this is your first race you definately don't want to do anything two months prior to the lead up to your race.

    If you don't want to do a 70.3. Do longer individual races: 2-3k swim (there's lots of them around now), or sportives for the bike, and take your pick when it comes to marathons or half marathons. Give yourself a good month between the longer individual races for recovery and make sure you plan a recovery week straight after the race.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Have fun!
  • I would also recommend to attend a training camp..
    Before my first half ironman last year I attended a week training camp which gave me so much confident. What was most useful for me was the open water swim (not so fun to do alone and must clubs swim in pools) and practice of transitions.
    It was also great to met other people who had done ironman and could give advises.
    I went to this one, which I strongly recommend; for the coaches -> active athletes (high ranked on Ironman lists (also Norseman) and coach educated, great location both for the area of training (forest and mountains) and the accommodation (great view), privacy, heated pool.
    My best holiday ever. I will go again this year to prepare for Ironman Nice. Some of the training will take part of the route for Nice Ironman
    They have camps during all weeks in April.
    They are called sbr-life
    During April there is also this triathlon event in Cannes (which is 20 min from the camp), look at Star events website (cannot post addresses here)

    Good luck!
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