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Best training regime?

Good afternoon,

I'm after some constructive guidance and direction if possible. I've recently had to undergo Heat testing due to my job, which includes VO2 Max test in a heated chamber. I've always been a fit guy, playing sport on a weekly basis since junior boarding school, but even so the results were a surprise to myself and the Docs. Prior to the tests at the Naval Institute of medicine, the only cardio training i'd done was rehabilitaion for 13 months due ligament damage following a parachuting accident. The figures from the day are below:

Age: 34
Weight: 77kg
Lean body mass: 66.7kg
Waking Heart rate: 31bpm
Resting heart rate: 38bpm
VO2 absolute: 5l/min
VO2 relative: 70ml/kg/min

Test carried out on a treadmill
Constant speed: 6.7mph
Gradient: 2* rising 1*per minute up to 13* at 12 minutes elapsed time.

I'd really love to get the best training plan in order to maximise any potential. I feel that I'm lacking in the lactate threshold area, but as a complete novice to Triathlon i'd be keen to take any advice.

Kind Regards,


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    A few questions:

    * Where are you based?
    * What race distance are you looking to do in 2013 and how many races are you planning on doing?
    * What did your rehab consist of?
    * Have you done any swim/bike/run training as part of your rehab (or at all)?
    * What was the temp of the heated chamber?
    * Have you done the same test in 'normal' conditions (i.e. normal temp. room)?
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