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Infinity Tri-Pro 2010 Bike

Hi all,

Following the completion of my first ever tri this year, the good ol' London Olympic Distance, i would like to give it another go. After taking a months holiday to Borneo, snorkelling and chilling out in the sun in the 4 weeks before 2010's race, i figured i may actually train this time and go for a decent(ish) time. This will also include riding a bike that i have actually seen before the event!

Now, the problem i have is budget. I have seen the afore mentioned bike on a few websites, and it is by FAR the cheapest out there ... which leads to my next question - is there a reason for this? Are there no sub £500 bikes for a reason?

If anyone has any experience of this bike, i would be grateful to hear about it. Also if anyone has any ideas of a cheap bike that i can get hold of, again i would love to hear them. I'm open to 2nd hand, but am a bit nervous of ebay (which seems pretty expensive anyway) due to being stung in the past, any other sites you could recommend?

Thanks in advance


  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    If £500 is your budget I'd definately go 2nd hand.

    Try and find your local bike shop, or a local cycling club, they may well have a few 2nd hand bikes for sale.

    Alternatively have a look in the classifieds in cycling weekly.

    Personally I'd still plump for ebay. Just go for someone with lots of positive feedback. It's where I buy/ sell most of my bikes and I've never experienced a problem.

    Good luck
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