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Injury Vs Events

Hi all,
I had a Meniscectomy in early October. The recovery road has been long and i've recently started long cycles, long walks and distance swims. I've kept my strengthening knee excercises up, but i still have a slight dull ache in the knee.
I am primarily a distance runner, having completed marathons and cross country courses.

My question is this. I have entered the hell Runner event on February 9th. Its 10-12 miles of mixed terrain through swamps, bogs, dirt the lot. Obviously the impact will not be very great on this terrain. I am also training for Exmoor 70.3

I should be Ok if I go steady on this hell runner right? I won't be going full throttle, just like the idea of he mud and swamps if im honest.

Again, the op was in Early October so it's will have been 4 months.


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