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Synthetic Energy Gels vs. Natural Energy Gels

I was thinking that athletes as a collective like to be healthy as possible with the choices they make. Some more vehement and vigilant than others.

I then got to thinking that I eat and drink pretty healthy - as naturally as possible. But when it comes to supplements to training all the rules go out the window - specifically energy gels, energy bars, recovery drink/powder. They are GENERALLY completely synthesised and don't sit well in many athletes' stomachs. Not to mention the chemicals that are then introduced to the body.

Is that because that's what is offered to us on the market? Of course we can get natural and organic foods that do a similar (or the same?) thing. But I think it comes back to readily available, convenient and proven products that draw people in that perform the role they want - energy on a long run or ride and recovery after.

My question is: If you could get a totally natural energy gel or energy bar that tasted good, was the same price and did the same as the synthetically produced products would you use it? Surely it's a no-brainer...

The only product I can find in the UK seems to be MuleBar.



  • Fuel2go and Cliff bars ?

    Think they are "all natural" but don't hold me to that as I don't use them
  • First, check your blood sugar. Second start taking vitamin B-12.. Third, do some aerobic excercise slowly and make your way up. You will be full of energy.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Standard reply from me...supplements are simply junk food for athletes.
    Bear in mind that I have never raced an Iron distance event so my thoughts will not change if I do, but my approach might!
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