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Recovery shakes

I was wondering which shake is the best to use for recovery. I currently use SIS Rego. It is quite expensive for a little bottle so I am also looking for value for money and the best place to buy online. I hope you can all help me.



  • Milk and a banana

    You would do better than that
  • Yes you are right. Milk and banana both are best as recovery shake. Both are also cheap and good for health. I also use both for my shake. It gives me lot of energy.
  • Herbalife protein shakes. They also do sport 24 shake and recovery prolong. If you are interested let me know as I am a Herbalife Distrbutor. thanks Deb
  • VLHCVLHC Posts: 6
    I've been using "For Goodness Shakes" for a few years now and genuinely feel a real benefit from them, especially when doing multiple sessions in one day. The "Super Berry" flavour is the best but they are all easily drinkable unlike some recovery shakes.
  • BynxyBynxy Posts: 7
    I tend to use USN Chocolate Protein Shake and get it from Costco as it is a good price
  • For goodness shakes are best by a mile though I'd also subscribe to the milk and banana theory - definitely cheaper and arguably better. I live in Switzerland now and can't get for goodness shakes here so making do with milk and banana. I do miss my for goodness shakes though -vanilla flavour easily the best. Chocolate not bad. The others a find a bit synthetic in taste though. Richie
  • scottripscottrip Posts: 1
    Try a whey protein shake with the banana blended in. I buy 5kg tubs from superfit (online supplier - no connection to them) mix 1 scoop with 150ml milk, 100ml water and a banana, blitz & drink. Cheap & effective
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