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Age Group and Home Nation membership

It must be the training that has scrambled my brain cell.

I understand the age group bit - it's one of things that made me start training for tri next year being able to compete with same age people.

But why join the, in my case, Welsh home nation team? Do I get discounts on all events? Is there one race you enter that is the one to enter each year? Don't seem to follow this at all.

Enlighten me please so I can spend the families Xmas present money on entries for next year. I have Pwllheli in March planned as bench mark and then I'm planning Blenheim, Llandudno & Hyde Park sprints.



  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    If you join Welsh Triathlon you will be eligable for discounts at all British Triathlon registered events.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    As Bathtub has said,you will get a discount on all BTF sanctioned events,if you are a member of any of the home nations.
    If you enter enough events,the membership pays for itself,but remember to take your membership card to events or you will have to pay for a day race licence.
    As well as the discount,there are added benefits,such as insurance,racing and training,legal advice,
    and you are putting money into the organisation supports British Triathlon,plus you get a shiny car sticker that will obliterate most of the window it is put in.

    some people do noy agree with BTF policy and do not become a member and no doubt will start to fill this thread with do's and do nots.
    For me it is worth the money.
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