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which race wheels?

Hi all, More help please ....i've now got my Bianchi (road) bike fit sorted and so I'd like to upgrade my wheel set to something faster for this coming race season.
I've NO idea what makes a good versatile race wheel and if there are any better value for money options?
Any pointers welcome, I couldn't find articles on this.
Many thanks!


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Wheels - ah yes, lots of discussion should arise; there are loads of threads on this and other forums

    Depends on how much you have to spend.

    Probably looking at clinchers. you may want to look at some handbuilt ones, about the same price as factory built.

    Weight; light spin up quicker, faster acceleration, better climbing.
    Aero; at least 30mm to have any affect but the deeper the section the greater the influence of crosswinds
    Hubs; less friction, spin up quicker, faster acceleration, better climbing/sprinting

    As for particular models, afraid I can't help you there as not current having bought my dream wheels last year and they will last for quite some years to come so I throw it open for suggestions but do let us know what your budget is.
  • Have you thought about hiring wheels rather than buying them? Might be more cost effective if you aren't doing too many goal races. I used Racewheelrentals last season. Online company that has zipps, wasn't too bad £100 for a week's hire which gave me time to try the wheels out and use them for the race.
  • Cheers chaps, I will prob go for Planet-X 52 clinchers which seem to be on a deal right now and quite a good spec for the pennies
    Would have bought them today if the vet bill hadn't just happened!!
  • I've had planet x wheels before - a 90mm rear, a set of 52 clinchers and decal free 60's - they are great value for money ....... But........

    I've found these - I rode them for the first time today and I'm very very impressed.


    Beautifully made ( better than PX with a flimsy carbon faring) and you can chose Shimano or Campag, white or black hubs, same for spokes and tubs or clinchers and 20mm, 38mm, 50mm and 88mm !!!

    They ride really well, spin up very fast, sound great, zero brake rubbing when out the saddle and they are 1450g !!!! For both ( tubs) and they look stunning.

    I can't recommend them enough And I'm just a happy customer ;-)
  • Here you go :
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    As a discerning bike rider, choosing a Bianchi, and hoping that it is the traditional celeste colours, may one suggest these.

    http://www.ffwdwheels.com/products/whee ... r-celeste/
  • Word of warning if you choose Fuertebici wheels - I've got 60/88 clinchers (just over £500 18 months ago) but they took 6 months to get them from initial order!! (I like the wheels though!!)
  • 3 days delivered for me
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