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HX Tri - Ironman Distance - Stunning Location

It is with deep regret that I have to offer this place up for sale. To complete this challenge you need to be fully prepared and currently I am not in a position to train to the levels I would like to/need to for a chance of finishing this race.

This is a great chance to enter an ironman distance event in a stunning location in the South West. The cycle course is the Dartmoor Classic route which received a great report in Cycling Weekly recently (31st Jan)

All the details regarding the event are on the endurancelife website

I paid £250 for my entry and the price increases as more people enter, it is showing on the website as now full.

This is the ideal time to start building on winter base training towards the event ! Go on, you know you want to

Post here or PM me if you are interested


  • Would love to do this race but no dollar at the mo
  • Is the race organiser ok with transferring the entry ?
  • How much?
  • Yes, endurancelife say in their T&C's ...
    "Your HXTRI place can be transferred to another person at no additional cost to you until 30 days before the event. After this date transfers are not possible"

    Current price online £275, soon to increase to £300.

    I am happy to let this go for £225, I am about to circulate to work tri club on Monday which has 50 members all local to this race
  • skoorbskoorb Posts: 3
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