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We are hosting a duathlon event on each day and we hope to have up to 200 athletes per event.

The length of the races are as follows:
27th Feb - 5km run - 30km bike - 5km run
27th Mar - 10km run - 40km bike - 5km run
24th Apr - 10km run - 60km bike - 10km run

The idea is to increase the length of each race to compliment training coming into the triathlon season.

The event centre for the series is Littleport Leisure Centre, near Ely, Cambs. It has great facilities, and a bar

The bike courses are very flat and fast, the run routes are the same but a mix of tarmac and footpaths. There will be a secure transition area, toilets etc.

You'll get a series T for entering all 3 of the races.

Entries are now open, please visit www.monsterracing.net for further info

We also have a new middle distance tri on the 21st August 2011, which is also now open for entry
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