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Bike for 15 year old

My son showed an interest in Triathlon last year and we bought him a £500 Raleigh road bike as a 'starter', thinking we might upgrade in the future after gaining some experience. (He did a sprint Tri and did ok).

The bike shop offered a larger and smaller option and in the normal parent fashion, we went for the slightly larger on the basis that he's still growing (This shop was £50 cheaper than elsewhere).

Whilst it's perfectly rideable, I can't help feeiling it's a tad too large (He's 5'6" with 31" leg and the bike frame is 55cm).

Of course I have now discovoured that bike fitting can be a bit more technical and am on my way in the next few days to visit some bike shops to get some advice on size suitability. I've also gained a bit more knowledge on specs and have come to the conclusion that we should be aiming for Shimano 105 gear as an indication of minimum standard (The Shimano 2300's on this bike are not too good).

If we do end up looking for a new bike, he of course is taken by the flashy looking Tri bikes and there appear to be a few available in the £1,200.00 to £1,500.00 price range.

I sense this could lead to another mistake and that he wouldn't enjoy riding such a bike at his limited level of experience.

My feeling is that a suitably size and spec'd road bike would be more appropriate and less risky in terms of comfort, enjoyment and hence likelihood of getting regular use.

I would be grateful for any advice on the best way forward at this point.

ps - Anyone want to buy a second hand 55cm Raleigh Airlight 100.
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