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numb toes whilst biking

Hey all,

Anybody have any idea why my toes go numb whilst i am biking? Is it because i have the wrong set up on my peddles? It does hinder my lightning speed[;)] but is just a little uncomfortable.

Anynody else get this??



  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Hmmm, I'm guessing you have checked that your shoes are not too tight?

    The only other thing I can think of is i used to get numb toes when I was younger, this was due to me walking with scrunched up toes, weird i know, but I also do this a bit when i ride, the pressure of scrunching up the toes and pressing down on the sole of your shoe could cause the blood to be forced out of your toes, making them go a bit numb after a while.

    they also could be cold? or wet? are your shoes waterproof?
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    sorry for the typo pedals!!! lol
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    Hi tommi,

    I reckon thats what i am doing, I am scruntchingup my toes in my shoes. I just thought it might be something more technical to do with bike set up or ride style. Think i have to concentrate on pushing my heels down more to take off a bit of pressure.

    Thx buddy
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Could be bike set up, I used to get numb toes, well actualy only my right foot would go numb. Got a Specialized BG tri tip saddle and no numb toes. When it happens again stand out of the saddle and see if it goes, poor set up might be the prob......
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    Hi MG,

    I have actually been to get my set up done professionally i kind did it myself[&:]. But i will do it!!!!!

    YEAH that could be it! Hope it makes me faster.

    Thx m8
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    where are you pedals located in relation to your feet mate?

    they should be directly under the balls of your feet, if they are too far forward you may be scrunching up your toes to try and push more power into the pedals.

    I used to do this when I had my cleats too far forward, so the pedals sat between my toes and the balls of my feet. Try a few slight adjustments of the cleats and see if this helps.

    And relax! your feet should be as relaxed as much as possible.

  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    Cheers Tommi,

    Am getting up early to have a play. (hope the gales and the rain stops!!!!)
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    bloody hell so do I, this is what i really hate about the north. Its not like this in cheltenham!
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Morning Matty

    A personal question --- what shape are your feet [:)] .... I have a high instep and over-pronate (walk and run), I used to suffer from numb toes, hot spots and 'pins and needles' after 2 hrs of cycling but a set of insoles to match my foot shape and slightly loosening the strap(s) on my cycling shoes has cured the problem.

    I use the Specialized BG insoles (green for high instep) which fit all my cycling shoes with a varius wedge, it was a heavenly moment to go 4 hrs without thinking ... time to stop and remove my shoe to get rid of the ********** pain .......

    Good Luck

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Are you wearing Specialised shoes? I used to use them and suffered with sore feet. Then a cycling doctor pointed out the error of my ways. I changed to SIDI and/or ADIDAS and problem corrected. now I will only wear Sidi, Adidas and by chance Shimano! Currently Adidas are the best!
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