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Power meter or new wheels?

I'm about to purchase a new TT bike to ride in long course tri's. I currently have a road bike that I use for my training.
I am in two minds, should I also go for buying a powertap built into my current training/racing wheels or should I go for a decent racing wheelset and forget the power meter. I can't afford to do both.


  • I'd say it depends on your ability. If you are an elite, or close to being an elite, athlete, then go for the power meter and then get coached accordingly.
    However, if you are like me and you are a rank amateur, go for the wheels. You know yourself how your body is feeling as to how hard/fast you want to pedal without the added input from a power meter.
  • a power meter (used well) will make you a better athlete

    wheels will make your bike faster
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