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Newbie: Sprint Tri - Good Fri Tri - Wetsuit or Not?

Hi Everyone,

Inspired by the Olympics I`m giving my first sprint triathlon event a go after a winter of training.

Its the "Good Fri Tri" event at Radley College in Oxford, I just wondered if it is standard to wear a wetsuit for a pool-based swim, as I don`t want to be the only one in a wet suit, or the only one not in a wetsuit!

i`ve actually had nightmares about this )

Also, my bike is a very heavy Raleigh hybrid that weighs about the same as a sherman tank, I plan to invest in something better if I catch the tri buzz on the day.

I want to be reassured that not everyone has a £6000 unpronouncable italian carbon dream machine at their 1st sprint event!


  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    Hi Dan,

    I'm down for the Good Fri tri as my first event, a wet suit is not required for a pool based swim, (better not be as I haven't got one) as for bikes I think a lot of people will have a variety of models so just pedal ya giblets out on the day.
    Good luck and maybe see you on the day.
  • Nice one, good luck, i`m sure there will be lots of people in the same position on the day, can pick it up as I go along....
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Good luck, you will not need a wetsuit for a pool swim.

    My 1st tri was with a £60 steel Halfords MTB with chunky tyres and I was not the only one. Replace chunky tyres with road tyres if possible, but don't worry.

    - eye protection, Bolle Contour ESP tinted safety glasses, on ebay, screwfix etc for between £8 -£10
    - rear light, some stupid tw#t drivers out there. Just got a Blackburn Mars 3.0 http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk. Revues say don't look at it directly and what did I do? 45 mins later still have a persistent image, less than £9 - bargain.

    Top tips:
    Gear - Start Fitness do some great starter kit http://www.startfitness.co.uk
    - get a tri suit - £30 MM1171
    - get a number belt £2. If you get 2 numbers pin them back to back so that it doesn't matter if you put the belt on inside out and stiffens the number so it doesn't flap about.
    - elastic laces - £2
    - Bodyglide £10, rub inside shoes to stop chafing
    - practice transition - the 4th discipline. Suggest a small hand towel on the ground with kit on top, I stand on it in T1 to dry my feet, helps putting shoes on.
    - run without socks

    Suggested layout: helmet hanging from handlebars, inside helmet, shades, beneath shades number belt straps dangling outside. On ground towel, bike shoes (talc inside), behind them running shoes with gel/running hat if worn.

    - get there early, recce the transition area, route from pool to your bike, bike out, bike in and run out.
    - relax and enjoy. We are a friendly bunch and do not be afraid to ask advice from officials and other competitors.

    Nutrition? Well don't get hung up on that about 45 mins before the off sip an energy/caffeine drink, energy drink during bike you will probably be able to buy a sachet at the expo pre-race. Maybe drop a gel on T2 exit.

    Hope that helps
  • Thanks a million Zac.

    Great advice and can't WAIT until the big day!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    No probs. good luck and don't forget to do a race report.
  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    How did you get on Dan, bloody cold but not a bad day out.
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    Scorch21 wrote:
    How did you get on Dan, bloody cold but not a bad day out.
    And how did you get on too?
  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    39 out of 117, so I'm happy with that.
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    Scorch21 wrote:
    39 out of 117, so I'm happy with that.
    Excellent work :-D
  • I had a great day & enjoyed my first experience of triathlon, other than the fact it was freezing!

    The day was well organised & no complaints.

    I did the Sprint event & came 231 out of 237

    Excuses.....took 5 minutes in T1 as never practiced transitions before & couldnt get my f--ing Garmin watch to work!

    I was in the mid 100s after the swim which is a plus.

    Excuses....my hybrid bike weighs a ton which slowed down my bike leg hugely and my chain came off at one point.

    Excuses....I had on new trainers for the run & didnt realise it was bascially around a muddy field which again slowed me down!

    What to do next. I badly want to have a go an Olympic Distance in Sutton Park in B`ham in July....most people telling me to keep doing Sprints this year until I get faster....!
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    Do what you want to do. Cos life's too short.
    If you want to do an olympic in July, can put some training in and the aim is to finish rather than place, then go for it!
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