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Can anyone recommend a bike fitter in the South East, I've got myself a new TT bike and and feel that I should get it set up 100% right - There seem to be so many companies offering this service now, but I would prefer to use someone who's tried and tested.....thanks peeps.


  • Hi there!!
    If you're willing to do a slightly longer journey then theres a new place in Chichester just opened called Triit sports. Theyve got a fitting service I believe and a wetsuit fit machine and all that. Really knowledgeable too.
    I bought my bike from Tri-uk and they ask all your measurements when you order. The bike came fitted to perfection for me.

  • Forget distance

    Get yourself to Bridgtown Cycles in Cannock Staffordshire.

    I travel from Surrey, I have tri friends who go from Cornwall, Scotland and even France!

    Ask for Mike. You won't regret it -last time I was there he was fitting a GB age grouper. Tom Lowe has fits there as well as Joel Jameson

    Nuff said ( apart from he fits his sister - 10,25,50,100 mile TT legend, LEJOG record holder and 12 & 24hr racer)

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