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Anyone else sign up for the magazine at Sandown Park show(1-3rd March)??
I was told that the bags worth £65 were stuck on a ship and will be posted. Rang customer services to be told that it's the first they've heard about it!!


  • Hi not2keane

    My name's George, I work in the marketing dept for the magazine and I was working at the Tri show. I can confirm that the bags were definitely stuck on a ship. I was in touch with Huub today and the bags are almost in the UK so should be sent out next week - please allow a couple of weeks for delivery.

    Sorry about your run in with Customer Services, I'll ensure they are all made aware of the status of the bags.

    Kind Regards
    George Pearson
  • kevin313kevin313 Posts: 1
    After enquiring about the status of my bag I have received this reply "Unfortunately I can confirm that on this occasion there is no gift allocated on your subscription as the relevant promotional code was not entered at the time of ordering the subscription." My form was filled in by the 200 rep in the hospitality area....needless to say I am not happy!!
  • Oh thats poor, very poor.

    Come on George Pearson..... give the man his kit
  • Hi Kevin,

    Really sorry, I've only just seen your post. Could you send me an email with your name and address so that I can look in to this with our Customer Services team?
    My address is georgina.pearson@ immediate. co. uk (Remove spaces)

    I'll look in to this for you.

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