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Foam Rollers

Hi, does anyone use these? It has been suggested to me to get one. I've seen one which is 18" and therefore shorter than some of the others but do any of you think this will be ok. I'm female and don't have big muscles or anything its just to help relieve some tension in my legs which I'm struggling with a bit. Do they come with how to use them or is there a website to check out?
Many thanks, Jo


  • Hi,

    don't worry too much about length of the rollers as long as its comfortably wider than your widest part it'll do the job. If you can buy a less dense one to start with and buy more dense ones (including the plastic inner tubed-kind) as you get used to it. the idea is basically to roll the along muscles and when you reach any knots or tight spots, to just lightly apply pressure until you feel it release.

    there's a million videos on youtube and a quick google search should give you all you need. my only advice would be to start small with using them and work up.
  • I use one after long runs, very good, if you don't use it quite quickly after the run it can be a bit painful.

    i'd recommend one, mine cost £15 from amazon, link-> http://www.amazon.co.uk/66Fit-Elite-Foa ... 611&sr=8-1
  • rexcorexco Posts: 1
    66fit is the own brand of Physio Supplies Ltd and they supply Amazon. Why not try going straight to the supplier PhysioSupplies (dot) com - Anyone can get 15% off and if you are a "Professional" you can get 50% off.
  • Jo40Jo40 Posts: 5
    Thanks guys. Got one and used it seems to be helping in places.

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