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pool to ow transfer

im doing a lot of pool swimming in prep for an IM whereas last year most of my swimming was in ow. I am seriously slow in the pool like 1:05 for 50metres but managed a half IM in 34 last year. what other factors other than the wetsuit mean I'm so slow. obviously technique is an issue but I am as cardiovascularly fit as I have ever been but feel like my goal of a 1hr hm swim isnt going to happen if im currently doing 2.5k per hour at the moment?

any thoughts helpful.......... feel like my technique is worse. luckily there is a excellent coach with an endless pool nearby but pennies saved is always good news.


  • I surprised by the time difference tbh, 1.9KM in 34 is v good.

    Have you had a long lay off swimming, i find that even a short period my times creep up quite quickly.

    Other possibility is drafting I guess, in HIM, lots of people easy to tuck in behind and save energy perhaps?

    That is quite a difference tho, sure it'll come back!
  • birdymanbirdyman Posts: 39
    This made me laugh.

    I have signed up for my first LD event; Challenge Henley in September, and have spent the last couple of months trying to figure out swimming (pool based due to the "Day After Tomorrow" type weather we seem to be enjoying), and today was doing 1.05min 50 metres at the end of my session, and feeling like I was getting the hang of it!! Felt really fast

    Maybe I am in more trouble than I thought!
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