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predicted Ironman time

Anybody understand the calculation for predicted ironman time in this months mag ? :roll:


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
  • Me too, convert all your time in mins
  • MoynaMoyna Posts: 3
    I am having problems understanding this too - PB OD 181minutes, marathon 257minutes......help?
  • Okay here goes: -

    Olympic 181 mins
    Marathon 257 mins

    186.3 + (1.595 x 181) = 474.995
    1.318 x 257 = 338.726

    474.995 + 338.726 = 813.721 Minutes or 13.56 Hrs
  • MoynaMoyna Posts: 3
    Ah - easy when you ignore their brackets!!!

    Thanks for that.....4th Aug is going to be a very long day lol!!
  • Best of luck, let us know whether you get close to the predicted time!
  • I think the crux of it was if your going to be close to the cut off then you need to train harder. Hence I'm now training much harder.
  • I wasnt 100% convinced. I'm doing Austria this year and the formula had me down for a significantly faster time than I was expecting.
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