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what supplements

What supplements should I be having am trianing for my first triathlon sprint


  • Protein recovery drink or food after each session. Nothing else required in my opinion.
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    I agree.

    You don't need any supplements for a sprint race. Drink some milk as a recovery drink for training and also as recovery after your race. If you want to get something, go for the forgodnesshakes. They taste good and are.. milk based (I have no affiliation btw).

    Avoid packaged/processed foods that, although pop into the microwave and are easy, aren't that great. Eat normal, healthy foods - lots of colour on your plate is a good indicator of a well balanced/nutritional meal.

    Have fun!
  • Thanks I've been making my own flackjacks and you must of herd the ping working shift work it hard to grab health food on the go I've started to make boxed salad pastas . Iam 5.9 at 72 kg naural thin so don't want to lose any weight . Yes I've been bitten by the tri bug and I have only been trianing 3 weeks 29 th of june can't wait
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