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what supplements

What supplements should I be having am trianing for my first triathlon sprint


  • none. eat sensibly and you'll be fine. Most supplements are just a very expensive way to make your pee more nutritious or interesting coloured...
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Yep, agree. Eat sensibly during the week leading up to your race. Drink lots of water - no booze and get good sleep throughout. That's ALL you need.

    Have fun.
  • BynxyBynxy Posts: 7
    The only thing I would recommend is Protein for recovery as it seems to help me but it could just be all in the mind

    I use the USN Chocolate flavour which is not to bad, not that thick and gloopy compared to others I have used in the past also stay hydrated even on days when you are not training
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