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Compression tights

Since starting running a few years ago I have had a handful of problems. Shin splints, sore calves/sore hamstrings, sore knee etc! My trainers are good & replaced in a running shop far more often than bank balance allows!
Im not running at the moment due to a back injury but I would like to get some compression tights that may (or may not!) help with niggly problems.
Lots on offer. Which ones do you rate??
2xu or Skins etc??
Many thanks!


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    My preferrence is 2xu,but I get better results from just the calf guards,for the lower legs than the leggings.

    I also use adidas power web as well,but find that is better for activity than recovery.
  • I have used Skins for recovery and 2XU socks for running in and they seem to work.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I've used both skins and 2xu compression pants and think the 2xu one's are better by miles (can't remember which 2xu one's they are) but I know they were the more expensive one's.

    I mainly use the compression pants after a hard run as I don't seem to need them for riding/ swimming.

    I'd also add that I have used the 2xu calf guards and think they are excellent.
  • I'm glad to hear the 2XU has a good reputation as I've just bought the Elite ones and they come with free calf guards. Now awaiting their arrival so I can promptly hide them from the "Other half!"
  • I use 2xu recovery socks if I don't have much chance to rest with my feet up after a cycle/run.

    But I found the best way to keep on top of the niggles is to go have a sports massage once a month. They will find any problems areas and after a few visits you will feel good as new.
  • 2XU for me
  • Hi

    I've just posted this on a separate thread but thought it might help. You can get 15% off ORCA clothing (including Compression stuff) by clicking though from here:

    http://tzero-tri.com/2010/12/07/triathl ... -clothing/

    You can see the ORCA range here:


    Hope that helps
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    2XU for me too - though am still not 100% convinced they work.
  • Well, loving the tights! Very comfy & I'm sure over priced for what they are. Dont feel any different to ordinary running tights if I'm truly honest.
    But, the calf things that came with them are FAB! Worn them all day today & feel great & pretty tight. No niggles in the lower leg area with them on.
  • If you are looking for a cheap alternative to calf guards, might i suggest to your local pharmacy and buying 2no. Tubigrips for arms.

    Because they are sized for arms, they give you great compression on the calfs, they can be cut down to size depending on leg length and at £1.50 each, they are a damn site cheaper than the last 2 sets of 2XU ones i've had.

    Granted, you would look like a bit of a knob runnning in them, but for post run/cycle, they are ideal.

    And yes i know i'm cheap but the money i saved went towards a new wetsuit so it's a win/win in my book!
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