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Sprint to OD? Or Faster Sprints?


I completed my first tri at the Good Fri tri in Abingdon last weekend, loved every minute of it, although my position compared to the rest of the field was shocking (flintstones era hybrid bike, 5 mins in T1, chain came off, excuses excuses) I can`t wait for the next event.

I really, really want to do an OD at Sutton Park in July & get the rest of the family down for the day to watch.

My training plan advises me to have "easily completed" a Sprint before the 20 week training plan for the OD.

Also, I will need to truncate the training plan down to 16 weeks now anyway.

Fitness levels are okay, however, never run 10K, never done 40K on bike, never done 1.5K open water swim, been training for 6 months for the Sprint Tri though which I got round.

Will obv invest in a much better road bike, work on transitions, do some open water swims, etc.

What do you think? Heart and Ego say OD in July, Head and Legs says faster Sprints?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    OK so you've done your first tri, had great fun and now want to up the stakes and get your family involved - why not? What is the worst that could happen?

    What you don't want is a DNF so you need to be confident that come July you will be able to swim 1500m, that is the biggest obstacle. You will need a properly sized wetsuit, I would venture one with positive buoyancy and need to get the distance in first of all in a pool and then get some lake time in to get used to it.
    Once you've done that then the bike is the bike and 3-4 months is not going to get you appreciably faster but time on the road will build up your roadcraft and confidence, have a think about specific strength training to get the quads built up.
    You've run 5k, you can run 10k. How quickly is another matter.

    Head says build up on your sprints, developing transition skills and basic core fitness as well as the swim/bike/run but as you point out the heart says you want to get your family involved as you are all fired up. An alternative is to the open water Sprint at Sutton, that will allow progression yet still enable the family to have a day out.

    You have a training plan so that is a bonus

    Good luck
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Well done on completing your first triathlon. Your life will never be the same again

    IMO I would go for the OD.

    It wont be a big task to up the bike and run to the required distance, and if like you say, you do invest in a better road bike the cycling will almost become a pleasure! but it will be tough going from sprint pool swim to 1500m OW, but then it depends on what sort of swim distances you are up to already in the pool.

    Have you had any feedback on your swim technique? If not would it be possible for you to have some technique advice?, this would be more beneficial than just going out and banging out lengths willy nilly.

    It is imperative that you have a wetsuit that is a perfect fit for you. Do not buy/rent one unless you have tried it on at a specific outlet and have had expert opinion on fit.

    If you have been training for 6 months I dont think you will have a problem by trimming you training plan down to 16 weeks. Its good to have a plan but dont be a slave to it.

    If you train and complete the OD race in July I wouldnt be surprised if your next sprint race was much faster than your first tri anyway.

    Good luck, and have fun.
  • as long as you feel you will manage the swim in the time scale then go for the OD, as long as you train well enough and pace the race so that you last the distance then i reckon the extra distance won't be an issue.
  • Thanks everyone. Great advice here!

    I bought a new roadbike and like you said cycling is now a pleasure rather than unending pain on the hills.

    Decided to go for the OD thanks for giving me the confidence to go for it.

    I have done my 1st week of OD training and feel strong and confident!

    Thanks everyone!
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