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Ironman 70.3

Hi all,
This year is going to be my first half iron race.
I have a few questions.
Whats the best plan for racking the day before if you're not a local? Is it best to get a hotel the night before or camp? Whats the prices like usually?

Also with the swim, this is probably my weakest discipline, I'm a little worried that I need as much of the 1:10 as possible so will I lose vital minutes getting trapped in the masses at the start?

Im expecting to get through it in about 50 minutes with a smooth swim. If you're over the allotted time what happens? Do you get stopped at transition?

All these questions are worrying me haha!
Feeling fairly confident I can do the distance. Did my swim distance, 40 mile cycle and a 6 mile run sunday and felt like I could have gone further. Just need some experienced 70.3 advice from you lot.

Thanks in advance!

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