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Stratford 220 Triathlon

Has anyone completed this triathlon previously?
I am looking to enter this years race and was wondering if anyone has had any past experience or opinions on the race before i enter?



  • Sarah CSarah C Posts: 2
    Hi John, I have done this Tri a few times in the last few years. The swim is pretty much what you expect from a pool tri- for the longer of the two sprint distances I think it is 4 lengths in each lane (count your own lenghts) and exit at far end, set off in about 15-20 sec intervals so obviously you can get some lane congestion but I have never been held up too badly. Short run to transition.

    Bike is mainly flat with a few undulations- one hill sticks in my mind which is more of a drawn out slog up a dual carriageway (about two thirds in) after that pretty much downhill/flat rest of way. Bike is a mix of quietish country lanes, a brief encounter on the A road (hill) then some busier roads back into Stratford. The roads on the way back to the Leisure Centre venue can get a bit busy depending on your start time as the day trippers make there way back into Stratford and if you're very unlucky you may get held up by a tour coach making their way into venue too! but I have never been this unlucky, just seen it happen to others! There is a set of traffic lights too on the way out on the bike but somebody will be stood there writing down numbers if you get held up to give you the time back.

    Run mainly flat, some sharpish turns, all on stony paths/grass. Drinks station at 2.5k (end of first lap) if you do 5k.

    Pretty well run event, but do make sure they write the right number on you! I think Fun 2 Tri probably do need to introduce chip timing at some point though to compete with other events. Oh and the car park does charge too!

    Hope this helps and good luck if you decide to do it!
  • GlenpfGlenpf Posts: 2
    I've been looking at this event also, for my first triathlon.
    Silly question from a newbie, with the swim being in a pool, can you have trainers poolside to then run into transition or is the run safe for feet?
  • Sarah CSarah C Posts: 2
    Its safe for feet, its literally down a few steps out of the pool exit and your out on the car park where transition is. I don't recall any stones but to prevent any getting in your cycling/run shoes take a small towel to give your feet a quick wipe! The transition area is the same for the bike as it is the run so make sure you are very aware of where your stuff is- its bad enough finding your bike after swimming but finding your shoes after the bike can be very ineteresting! and good luck!
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