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Olympic Training Plans

I am looking at making a long awaited comeback into Tri and will be competing in the London Hyde Park Triathlon in September 2013 dependant on the reaction of my achilles.

I have been looking for detailed training plans for 20 week Olympic Distance, but due to financial reasons I am looking to find a free version. Beginner Triathlete used to do a free one, but not as detailed now, so was wondering if people know of some other decent sources. I just need a focused plan that I will stick to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....


  • walkupitwalkupit Posts: 9
    Have you looked at the training plans available via the myTri area?

    They aren't free but pretty good for under a tenner.
  • Thanks for this. I will have a look. Probably looking at a 16 weeker now. I am sure I will be ready, but I shouldn't waste much more time ;-)
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