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Tiger Frog Wheels

I'm thinking about their 40mm wheels but cant seem to find any reviews and any general chit chat seems to be a couple of years old.

Anyone got any experience of them or even know anyone who has them?

I'm changing from a set of Cosmic Elites that are a bit passed it and trying to avoid carbon if possible as I'm travelling with the bike this year.



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    No reviews that I can see, latest reference I can see is here
  • Ive never ridden Tiger frogs Wheels (I've never heard bad things about them to be fair) but I can heartily recommend these :


    Here is my review of them :


    This is them on my road bike
    ( the one in the review might come out)
  • Thanks, great review especially as the PX equivalents were my option B.

    I saw a comment about carbon breaking surfaces, how much of a difference is there? Have no experience of carbon wheels and I'm heavy on the breaks in the wet/downhill!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    General opinion is that alu rim gives more consistent breaking including in the wet but then an upgrade to Swiistop yellows and a bit of forethought with carbon rims shouldn't cause any major dramas. Threads I've read suggest don't clean off the yellow film form the Swisstops on the carbon rim as that improves dry and wet weather braking. The last race I did, 24k sprint tri I applied my brakes 5 times.

    Depends on the course, most tri events go for fast less technical bike sections as people would get peed off if they are up and down braking all the time with no chance to get any speed up - after all got to justify our lovely deep sections, can't do that if you are braking every 500m.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Good break pads make a hoooge difference. I have just put some Aztec ones on my TT for my carbon rims and they way outperform the cheap and nasty things I had on before, both in terms of stopping power, and in terms of durability. Nowhere near as expensive as swissstop.
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