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Great day at Blenheim!

WOW. I had the best experience at Blenheim. It was only my second Tri (super sprint) and i loved it. It was also my first openwater start which went better than i expected and i actually enjoyed it but the run up from the lake was a killer[:@]

The sun was shining and to top it all off i came 6th[:D] Everything just all fell into place except i forgot my water bottle on my bike (bad mistake) as cramp nearly set in on the run but i had my trusty bottle of Gatorade and all was fine.

Well done to all that organised the day it went really well. I hope that anybody else that competed and as good time as i did!!

London 10k next[&:]


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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Totally and utterly concur with you. Although I came 1504 places behind you lol.
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    roofgimproofgimp Posts: 5
    A fantastic day out and I came somewhere near the bottom but I finished it that was my main aim!

    Already signed up for next years sprint and aim to knock 20 -30 mins off!
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    GULP!.... Matty: 6th age group or (shudder) 6th overall?

    For all of our sanity please say it was age group, and that you are 60+ years old.
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    honchohoncho Posts: 23
    just had a look at results: Matt Hackett 6th overall 2nd age group 25-29

    so if this is you Matty excellent ,one to watch out for well done.
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    mattymatty Posts: 37
    yeah guys thats me 6th overall really really get it in to it!

    Not bad for my 2nd ey[:)]

    thx guys
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