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Starting out and kit

Hi People

I'm going to start training for triathlon soon. I'm not terribly fit, but want to get to a ok standard.

What kit is best ie bike, trainers, wetsuit ect? I need to buy the lot really.


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Lots of triathlon shops do starter packs which will get you everything you need. My local store http://www.tri-running.co.uk/ (shameless plug ) are good and give great advice. Obviously you might want to try a shop nearer to you but there's some good deals out there so have a shop around, but don't get the most expensive kit because a salesman tells you that you need it. Be sensible and decide if you are doing just one race or will want to do more. That will tell you if you need buy middle-top end kit to last a few seasons.

    Importantly, get a proper fit for your running shoes and also, when buying a bike make sure it fits 'you' by getting a bike fit atthe shop.

    Have fun!
  • birdymanbirdyman Posts: 39
    I wouldn't rush and spend loads of money until you have had a go. I assume you'll start with a sprint distance?

    For the first time out I would suggest borrowing or renting a wetsuit (if it is an open water swim - otherwise you can just pull a pair of running shorts on over your budgie smugglers when you exit the pool), borrowing a bike and making do with your existing trainers.

    Triathlon is amazing but it also is an expensive mistress, and you'll find that you can never own enough carbon bling, in a variety of colours, sizes and brands.

    There is no substitute for solid training. Regardless of how crap your first bike is, if you have a solid base fitness you'll be amazed at the ease at which you'll pass fully blinged up carbon bike porn.

    Enjoy. It is awesome and will put a big smile on your face.
  • If you google Tri-uk they do a package which gives you the lot.
    I bought this and it's all been perfect. Using most of it for my first 70.3 in June. Great service too.
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