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Free Wireless Computer Offer? Wrong Item Sent.

Has anyone else signed up for this subscription offer? I did and received my free gift but it's the wired version not the wireless version advertised.


  • YES!!!!

    I phoned today and was passed to the account manager.

    They told me I would get a phone call but as yet haven't heard from them.

    I assumed it was my mistake and it was a wired one you were supposed to get then something made me double check.

    I doubt they'll take it back now the box has been opened/ripped.

  • I contacted the subscription line and they said to return the item back to them. They also said the correct item would arrive within 7-10 days.
  • Sorry about this all, have just got the below from the subs department...

    'Unfortunately there was an error and part of the delivery was made up with the wrong bike computers. You can call customer services on 0844 844 0388 or email [email protected] where you will be advised to return the bike computer by freepost and we will send you out a new one. Apologies for the inconvenience.'

    Keep us posted on here if anymore problems, thanks, 220
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    2yrs of subscription.... zilch.

    I even had their customer services phone me up offering a subscription... they didn't realise I was already subscribing
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