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one to one swim coach in North West recommendation ?

could anybody recommend a swim coach in the north west ? My swim is dreadful, I've been doing duathlons because it's just not good enough for a tri. I can barely do a length and I'm knackered after 3 or 4. My clocal club has a technique session but the time doesnt suit me. I live in Wirral but anywhere Manchester / Liverpool / Chester would do



  • MoynaMoyna Posts: 3
    I would have said Anthony Christie but he has moved to Ireland! Does great video analysis.
  • I swim Saturday morning at Pennington Flash, the team there have coaches and are happy to provide training (unsure of the cost). It is a great venue and the team there are awesome. Starts 0800 so is a great early start and sets you up for the day.
  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    If you swim at Pennington flash,go and see Team True Spirit. A lad there called Paul is an excellent swim coach.
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