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Gait Advie - A great experience at last!!!

Over the past few years i've had countless pairs of trainers and have had advice based on being videoed running on a machine checking my gait - every time it was the same answer - i over pronate and need stability trainers. I went to Runners Need last week, inside Snow and Rock on the Purley Way in Croydon and told the chap i need a pair of stability trainers -he asked me to go on the tread mill and he not only viedeoed from behind but also from the side. He told me i was very nearly a mid foot runner and that i just needed to lean more forward and i could be in a neutral shoe and explained the benefits of this. We tried again with me leaning forward and he showed me the video and sure enough i was striking mid foot. He then spent another 20 minutes helping me choose the right pair of trainers and so far i'm delighted - saucony truimph 10's. The guy was ultra helpful and really new his onions, he was a very keen runner, rock climber and endurance loving bloke and was keen for me to get the correct shoe and gave me some running advice at the same time.

I now realise that its quick and easy to simply say someone 'over pronates' - sell them a pair of stability trainers and job done - but with proper advice and help, i guess many could be running in neutral shoes. i also wonder how good the training is for the staff giving the advice in the first place.

Runners Need highly recommended.
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