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A brave new world!

So, i'm new to the whole world of triathlon and my first event (sprint distance) is in two weeks. A nervous yet exciting two weeks still ahead.......Just looking for any tips, other than the obvious on how to approach it?? My individual times are pretty average, from what i've read (8:00 400m swim 50min 20K ride and 28mins 5k run). I've yet to pull them all together and experience the lack of energy in my least favourtite phase (running) at the end. Should I just go out at my usual pace and play it by ear???


  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    Have you done any brick session???
  • ozboybeeozboybee Posts: 4
    I've done a couple of 5k runs after an hour in the pool?? Never linked all three....
  • I think you know the answer to this. Link them. At the very least you should do bricks - swim, then bike, bike then run. I would just find a way to do all three if I were you. You don't have to go full distances, it's more about understanding what it feels like and teaching your body to cope. It will save you a lot of difficulty on the day.
  • derek1974derek1974 Posts: 7
    pace yourself and save some energy for the run, you don't say if the times you gave are your average times or the best you have recorded, i guess its an average though, most important of all is to enjoy it, time is secondary to enjoyment imo, good luck
  • ozboybeeozboybee Posts: 4
    The times are indeed averages and from I can tell they're pretty much in line with what a novice triathlete should achieve. For some reason I thought I should put the full distances together in brick sessions, but it makes sense to gain some familiarity with the change in diciplines and how these feel on the body. Perhaps half distance??

    Thanks for the advice. Despite the nerves, i'm really looking forward to seeing what its all about.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    An easy one is bike-run, easy to do in the gym, do a session on a spin cycle then onto a treadmill, I do 2 a week.

    Practice transition at home. Keep it simple. I see people with huge boxes, you don't need that crap.

    Helmet on bars, inside helmet race belt (get a race belt £5, usually get 2 numbers pin them back to back), underneath belt - shades. On floor besides bike small towel, on top of towel cycle shoes (unless you are using shoes already clipped in), behind cycle shoes, running shoes, in running shoes - energy gel, neck it at the start of the run.

    Get there early, walk transition so you know routes in from swim to your bike, bike out, bike in and run out. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we are a friendly lot.

    Above all, have fun. You will make mistakes and learn loads.

    Good luck
  • ozboybeeozboybee Posts: 4
    Thanks Zacnici. I've acquired a turbo trainer now, so I can get those all important brick sessions in without having to get the bike back in the flat and secured.

    I've read on a few forums that I would be expecting a time of around 1:50 for a first time sprint? That seems a little long to me? With my times, do you think i'm over ambitious to try and beat 1:40??
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