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'A' races 3 weeks apart. Taper strategy?

I have 2 races coming up which are equally important 'A' races but they are only 3 weeks apart and I can't make my mind up with regard to taper strategy. Whether to taper fully for the first one and then try to rebuild for the 2nd. Or whether to to do a 'mini taper' for the 1st one and a full taper for the 2nd or even forget the taper for the 1st one and go all out on the 2nd. Has anybody else had this dilemma and what worked/ didn't work for you? I know everybody is different but it would be interesting to hear how others have tried to deal with this problem.


  • Hi,
    Personally I would look at the first event as part of your training for the second, but also taper into it. So taper for your first, make sure you recover before training again, then train as you would for the second, which I'm guessing will be straight into a taper. Your first race should be enough to maintain fitness for your second, and the second taper is only really a recovery.
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