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Midnight Wo/man 2013 - suitable for novice?

Hello all

My first post so be gentle!

I have so far done one sprint distance triathlon at Dorney but have been training fairly regularly and want to try a longer distance event. It will be more a matter of trying to complete the event rather than getting a decent result. I am not massively fit but getting better and having a goal, such as an event that I have entered, makes the training easier and more focused. I would like to avoid a massive event (eg London Triathlon) at this stage.

Right, to the point - I am considering entering the Midnight Wo/Man near Dartford - but the quarter distance. 950m swim, 45km bike and 10.5km run. I am confident I can do this with another couple of months of training, but I will not be fast - I reckon 4 hours. Swimming is slow, cycle is fine and run is at a gentle pace!!!

Has anyone had experience of this event? I really want a friendly enjoyable experience, whereas if I am surrounded by serious athletes who don't want a novice in their way, it may be a poor choice. I am conscious that this is primarily an Ironman and 70.3 event, with the quarter distance only introduced this season.

Any feedback or comments welcome!
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