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Cycle training 20k+ upper back pain

Did a quick search and found nothing, so sorry for any duplication of information. I've been upping my cycle training to a couple of 20k rides (sometimes a 40k) a couple of times a week. I'm finding that about 10k in, I start to get sore between my shoulder blades and just below my neck. If I twist to look behind me, I feel a sharp stab of pain until I look forward. Even after my ride I still feel its sore.

I wondering if I'm too tense on the bike and it might be lactic acid building up. I've tried shortening my stem and moving my seat forward so that I'm not over reaching, but to be honest no matter which position I'm in, I'm comfortable up to the point where my neck gets sore. Any ideas?

For additional information, I wasn't professionally fitted to my bike. I looked at a few instructional video's about how to generally fit yourself to a bike.


  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    Hi there,
    Generally spinal pain whether it be in the lower, mid, or upper back which comes on after a certain amount of time (time loaded) has a lot to do with the posture of the person involved. Whether it be yourself on a bike or an office worker in front of a computer, with a time loaded problem you need to take a look at your riding position firstly. If your are in a cycling / Tri club the ask a friendly member to take a look at your position with you.

    If no progress with the fitting there are a few other things to work on. Do you do any strength work? Potentially bringing in 1 session of 45 minutes a week focusing on shoulder and upper back strength may help. Exercises i suggest are the lat pull down, upright row, single arm bent over rows. If not sure about these exercises then consult 'Professor Google' for pictures

    Another could be a lack of range of movement in both your cervical (neck) and thoracic (mid to upper back) spines or a tightness in the muscles stabilising these areas. An assessment from a local physiotherapist would do here which should cost around £35 - £40 depending on area lived in. Dont be afraid of the NHS physiotherapists either if your waiting lists are short as they are more than capable of assessing this problem.

    Hope you have a few pointers to work on.

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