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Riding in the wet

This is going to sound like a really daft question.........

I live in Abu Dhabi and when it rains here you just don't go out, knowing that in a couple of hours it will all be over for another year. Therefore I have slick tyres on my bike.........

I'm doing the Ironman in Prague in July and, apart from a canoe seemingly, should I be thinking about changing my tyres (is there such a thing as a wet weather TT tyre ?)

I told you it sounded like a daft question !

Thanks in advance



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Not a silly question. Car tyres have a tread only to get rid of water to stop them aquaplaning. Grand Prix car tyres are slick for dry conditions to give maximum grip.

    A bike tyre is high pressure and only has a very small and narrow contact point with the ground so can easily "squeeze" out any surface water and make contact with the ground. There is no chance of aquaplaning except at very high speed and that is in excess of 120kmph (so I understand). This doesn't mean that corners won't be slippy from other causes but no tyre design would help then.


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