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5K Training

Hi all,

I am training for sprint triathlons only at the moment. My best 5k time to date is 19:17, set a month ago. Since then I have been focussing on my bike training more. Today I went out for the first time in a month for a 5k race pace session. Ran 20:25. I have a new heart rate monitor and put it on for this run today.

I am 33 years old and my heart rate gradually increased up to a peak of 190 at around 7 minutes into the run. At that point it stayed around there for the remainder of my training session.

My legs feel pretty good at the end of the run and I get the feeling it's my heart that's holding me back. Am I right in thinking that putting in a couple of 10k runs each week at around a steady 140-150bpm will build my endurance and allow me to run faster at maximum heart rate?

Any advice appreciated as whilst I am confident I can get my times back down to 19:17 soon I hit a plateau at that level.

I don't really have time to do more than 3 running sessions a week alongside the cycling and swimming unfortunately. This means I need to make them count!!


  • I never use HRMs so I can't realy comment on that, but I can tell you if you want to go faster the best way is interval training or Fartleks. Both have worked wonders for me in the past. You are pretty quick already to be honest. I would say a 40 second difference is not huge and might just account for daily differences. Anything could cause your pace to go up and down - diet, sleep, previous activities. Don't sweat too much over 40 secs on one run. Monitor a months running and trend your moving average over the month - is it going up, down or flat. Also keep a diary of sleep, diet and all training to try and spot any patterns.

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Just one 10k a week at zone 2 is enough for your endurance. Your other two runs should be focusing on speed work.
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