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Hi Guys,

I am organising a new open water swim event on Saturday 7th September, held at Upper Bittell Reservoir, Barnt Green, Worcester.

There are two race distances; 1.5km & 3.8km, the 3.8k will run first and the 1.5k swim will be started after the completion of the earlier race.

Entries to each race are priced at £16, entry open to those 16 years and over on the event day (and also in good health to complete the race.


Urban Fitness GB


  • Do you have a website link or enrty form link?
  • Sorry that would help

    Details on our website Urban Fitness GB (sorry the site is blocking my use of the site URL ) we are also on facebook (/ufgbswim) & twitter (@ufgb_events)

    Urban Fitness GB
  • Please feel free to email me directly and I can send you across details and application forms, swim@urbanfitnessgb. co. uk.


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Why do both distances cost the same ?

    What constitutes "good health" ?

    Can a diabetic swim, someone with high BP ? Someone who is Epileptic ?

    Still looking for a link ( I'm having a lazy day)

    Hope you get some entries.
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