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Cramp with Bike shoes on the fly.

I have just started banding my bike shoes to my bike for quicker transitions (normally I put them on in transition and clip/ unclip on bike when setting off or dismounting). However I keep getting niggling cramps when reaching down to put my feet into shoes whilst riding, these are usually in my legs - however the other day while training, I just finished 20km ride and leaned down to undo my shoes to slip them off before dismount when I got the most painful cramp in my side down my ribs to the side I leaned down.
Is there a right or wrong way to be doing this - or do I just need to get used to it.


  • It sounds to me like your fluid/ food intake is where the problem is. Cramp is normally brought on by the muscle having an imbalance of salts - normally low salts. It can also be caused by eating, most commnly this is in the stomach though.
    It is quite common for it to happen when you have been stressing a group of muscles for a long time, then you suddenlt do something diiferent. I had it quite recently when doing a long swim - I would swim 7k, absolutely fine, then as I go to climb out of the pool it comes straight away.
    Are you drinking an isotonic drink on your bike ride? You may want to try drinking before and during. Also think about giving up any diuretics such as coffee, tea, alcohol and caffiene drinks. Don't go thinking you can just have decaff tea or coffee. It must be caffiene-free. I made that mistake for a long time. A friend of mine insists on having coffee, and can't get past a 2k swim, whereas I can now go for 10k.
    I would try all those things - and when I say give up coffee and tea, I mean permanently. You will feel much better, and Peppermint tea is actually quite nice.
  • Your 100% right - I was thinking this may be the problem, as not drinking enough electrolytes etc has been a problem for me in past. For the past few days I have been having High5 zero tablets in water before and after training, last night I did another bike practice with shoes already clipped in and did fine with no cramps at all.
    I often over look hydrating properly, I will certainly take on board the giving up caffeine as well, although some people do say a pre-race/ training black coffee a couple of hours before helps performance. I'm not sure one way or the other!
    Thanks for your advice.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Quick post cos I'm at work :

    Recent studies completely contradict the salt = cramp argument. Look elsewhere too.
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