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2xu V:2 wetsuit RRP £450, under warranty

As good as new men's medium small 2xu v:2 (top of their range) wetsuit for sale.
Sizing: will fit anyone from 5ft7-5ft10 from 68-75kg's
Suitable for beginners to pro's (this model was worn by Jonny Brownlee in the Olympics who chose this over their prototype x:2)
Reason for selling: a fraction too small around the shoulders causing me problems
Price: £200 or make me an offer

Don't waste your time and money buying a brand new cheaper model, it will be slower over all distances, won't last as long and will make you more tired for the run! Cheaper models are made of poorer quality neoprene which do not have the buoyancy and most importantly flexibility. This suit has been worn in open water 6 times (4 as practice, 1 sprint, 1 olympic only) and is a reluctant sell, it is just too small for me to be fully comfortable in for future long distances. I have purchased the exact same model one size larger as it is such a good fast suit.

Bought last November and not used until June, the suit is still under a 1 year warranty. It is in fantastic condition with 1 small superficial scratch (not a hole), see pic on the arm, this does nothing whatsoever to the performance to the suit. The price is nearly 50% less than original price and £100 less than the cheapest ex demo suits on ebay which will have lost some shape from being tried and pulled by 100's of people. This suit was bought brand new from an online retailer.

This suit will last you several more seasons, there's plenty of reviews online which say that it's as good a suit as any on the market - check them out for yourself. If unsure of sizing, try any of the 2xu range on but note that this will feel much softer and more flexible than the Z and R ranges.

This will be going on ebay over the next few days so if hesitant it maybe gone.
Any questions please ask,

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