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Altitude Training

I thought this was quite interesting. Just got back from a holiday with no cycling for 2 weeks, but climbing Mont Blanc and other mountains over 4000m in altitude. Was over 3000m pretty much every day for the 2 weeks for several hours at a time.

Got back down to home here in the UK yesterday and went for a 5 mile TT today. Same course I raced on 3 weeks back, similar wind speeds. My average speed has leapt up from 21.8 to 23.6mph. I have been stagnating in the high 21s for ages on this course.

Co-incidence? Perhaps the break from cycling has helped? Or maybe being at altitude really is fantastic for aerobic training!

Anyone else had similar experiences?


  • Cliimbed Mont Blanc and Mt. McKinley (Alaska) myself in the past. Those extra red blood cells really make a difference, hence the effectiveness of EPO.
    Each winter I head off to Rwanda for some winter training. Perfect weather, the Land of a Thousand hills and altitude. You can't beat it.
    Returned from a 6 week stint this winter and came second in the National Duathlon Championships, even though I only used my old bike and treated it as a training opportunity. (I normally, only do triathlons).
    This winter I am hoping to encourage others to join me for some top quality triathlon training. Visit triathlontrainingrwanda for some interesting photos and more details.
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