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Reduce bf% after seasons finished

Hey Guys...

First time on these forums and i'm just after a bit of advise....

in genearal, i train specifically for endurance events.
My personal racing season ends in September - after which I stop heavy cardio, and drop it down to a moderate level . But to keep it interesting, I mix it up

Come september, seeing as im not gonna be cardio mad, i'd like to focus on getting my body looking right again.
Currently im about 12% bf - and my aim by December is to be around 9%

So, my question to is, how do I go about achieving that?

Ive been toying with 2 ideas....

1) Full body 3x a week, or... (2 Excersises per Body part)
2) Split training focusing on 2 body parts a day (Monday, CHEST BICEPS -- Tuesday BACK TRICEPS -- Wed SHOLDERS LEGS , and repeat)

I simply want to reduce bf%. I'm approx 10.6stn, and wish to keep my weight as it is.
In regards to time - i always train in the morning, and i have all the days of the week to play with. So no issues there.

I interested in what you guys think I should do to achieve the bf%

In respect to either doing 1) Full body, and 2) Split - I'd like advice on reps and sets.
Im in the full understanding of rep ranges (1-6 POWER, 6-12 HYPERTROPHY, 12-20 MUSCULAR ENDURANCE) , but which of these ranges would you specifically recommend. Ive played with the endurance range as of late - but would like to get your understandings which one is better for my specific goals.

My calorie intake at the moment is approx 2500-3000 a day, but I understand that I will heavily reduce this to approx 1500 in order to achieve the bf% im look for (as i wont be doing anywhere near the cardio im doing now)

Generally speaking, I have the will power, and can easily get my diet in check. But just seek advise from someone who has possibly managed to achieve what i'm going to be seeking after next month. Just an idea on what sort of resistance training to adopt (full body/split), along with the recommended rep ranges.

Thanks Guys!


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Always best to split it up. Attack the bigger muscles first, but remember that you are trying to get lean not bulk up with big heavy muscles so use heavy weights with small number of reps. In other words you'll be doing the reps properly and slowly to get them dialled in right (i.e not throwing the weights up uncontrolled for that last set of 40reps) It'll be all about proper technique in smaller numbers.

    Have fun.
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