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Post-injury advice

Am I being totally stupid? I sprained my ankle a week ago, on a trail run. Since then I have barely been able to walk, let alone run, although I have done a couple of sea swims and pool swims and been out on my bike for 15-20 miles a few times. The thing is, I've got my first Olympic Distance Tri booked next Sunday (10 days time). Should I do it or give up my place? I am normally a keen runner but really haven't been able to do any running training. Am I daft to even consider going ahead with the tri? What would you do?!



  • MacaroneMacarone Posts: 58
    Carry on! I'm no doctor or medical person but normally with ankle sprains, I thought the thing to do was keep active as it's meant to help prevent stiffness. Besides, I think if you can swim and cycle in the meantime, you'll maintain your fitness, so even if you can't run until the day, you will be strong enough to finish. You might also find you feel much better a day or two before and you'll be disappointed if you've given up your place.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that with many events, you can't give up your place (legally at least) and if it's too close to the event, you might not be eligable for any refund.

    Good luck!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Don't carry on. Not even remotely. Pain is your bodies defence telling you something is wrong.

    Think about what you have written - you can barely walk or stand...and you think running will help how?

    I went over on my ankle and damaged my tibialis tendon - 3 months later I'm only just getting back to running and its still painful. You need to think is it worth 2-3hrs of Oly for what could be 6-9months on the sidelines. Yes its cack luck but I'd rather get injury free and go for it again...

    You need to think long term - and get physio treatment on it.

    Also perhaps think of KT Tape and get it strapped up and supported....and get ICE on it!
  • MacaroneMacarone Posts: 58
    Pain is your bodies defence telling you something is wrong.
    If that was true, none of us would ever complete a triathlon!

    Joking aside, seeing a doctor would make sense if it's that bad. I have numerous injuries that hurt on a daily basis and are with me for life, however I've seen specialists, had MRI scans and been told on many occasions that I'm not doing myself any more harm and to continue. One doctor quoted when I asked if I should stop running "You can also die of boredom" If anything, I get even more pain when I stop training so the activity helps in my case. I agree that one should also listen to one's body and not ignore certain signs but we're all different. If in doubt speak to an expert. I'm just offering my 2p.
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi PorridgeGirl

    I would suggest that you RICE your foot daily (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). If it is painful then take some paracetomol for the pain and get to your doctors (if you haven't already by now). There's normally not much they are able to do anyway and will tell you to just rest it, but it's worth getting looked at for piece of mind and to make sure there isn't any long term damage.

    For this weekend: Do your race and go all out on your swim and bike (you've paid for your race so why not), and then walk away from T2. It's no point damaging your foot even more and possibly buggering it up long term just for a single race.
  • Hi, having suffered the same fate in an off road duathlon last month, and as someone with 13 years emergency department experience I can only urge you to stop. I am lucky to have physio's (my wife, and one of my best friends) treating me every day with cryo-compression, friction and ultrasound, despite all this attention I have still pulled out of a marathon at the end of September despite being at mileage some weeks ago too. Top athletes would only be thinking about returning to competitive action after 6 weeks or so with a similar injury, with access the best treatment available. Please think about the long term damage you will inevitably do to yourself if you race. Sorry if I am being a bit preachy.
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