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Bike shorts under Wetsuit??

I am doing Ely middle distance triathlon next week.

I intend to have a tri vest under the wetsuit - as the vest is not the easiest thing to get on at the best of times. I have been planning after the swim to then put on my bike shorts - the mankini type - feeding the parts that go over my shoulders under the vest. I was then going to run with the cycle shorts on - a little sweaty but hey ho.

the nearer I have got to racing, the more I am looking to save every minute. so my question is, has anyone swam with cycling shorts under their wetsuit. I should have practised this prior to the event but as noted above, I did not think I would be that concerned by a the two minutes of faffing.

Also, a tri suit is out of the question because I am in the process of buying a house and my girlfriend has temporarily suspended all wiggle purchases .


  • Hi,
    You would be best with tri specific shorts with an integral pad, but since you have no buying power, I suggest trying your proposal for real before the race. Sit in the bath for 5 minutes in shorts and wetsuit to make sure the shorts get fully soaked, get out, take off the wetsuit, then climb on your bike after putting on whatever els you plan to put on, and go for a long ride, then short run straight after. You will then know what to expect. Somebody once said to me - practice everything you plan to do in training. It is so true about tri. You can't afford to change anything on the day - that's when bad things start to happen.
  • good practical suggestion.

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