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positioning in swim


I have a sprint tri OW tomorrow. 300+ swimmers will be set off at the same time. I am normally in the top 5th swim time. Where should I position myself at the beginning - at the front and have people swim over me or at the end and overtake others?
Thanks Anna


  • Top 5th as a percentage of race time, top 5th swim time, top 5 in AG, top 5th or % female ?

    I don't mean to be kurt but the answer entirely depends on you. What do you think ?

    I'd be worried if your a top 5 something that you'll get swam over. Go for it. Pick your line from the front of the pack - first 100m hard , take no shit of anyone and then be out the water soonest

    Good luck
  • Hi, TeamLaws

    Thanks for your reply. That is very interesting. The swim is my best bit. In the end I usually finish 2nd age group and top 3rd overall. I did not receive your reply before the event and was advised to tay back, which I did. I got my worst time but came out in the top 20.
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