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Advice for losing body fat

Hi there,

Just looking for some advice, im trying to lose body fat by doing fasted swimming sessions.. my swim sessions are in the mornings before work for about 1hr 30, if i dont eat anything in the morning but have a bowl of cereal the night before, before i go to bed.. will this allow my body to use fat for energy but still allow me to train well?



  • Hi,
    I would suggest your bowl of cereal before you go to bed will not help. Your body will probably store some of the food you eat as fat because you are then going into sleep mode, and any excess carbohydrate gets stored as fat. It is also bad for you and can cause other issues such as hiatus hernia. If you are desparate to lose fat I suggest doing some weights before going to bed. Your body will continue to burn fat overnight while you are asleep. Then go for a swim with an isotonic drink in the morning, and follow your swim up with a protein drink which has little or no fat in it. This will quash your hunger while not introducing fat into your body, as most other foods do whether directly or indirectly.
  • I'm fortunate (or unfortunate) I cannot eat enough to sustain my body mass, I find dumping or halving my sugar content and drinking GREEN TEA & Black coffee, will deplete your fat cell content. 

    Your body will contain fat cells everyone has a different amount in them sorry you cannot do anything about the quantity, but what happens is during exercise your body will draw on the fat from these cells, when you have depleted this storage your body naturally will replenish the cells, if you have too much sugar or huge amounts of fats and carbohydrates the body will use these to refill the cells.

    Drinking Green Tea and proper Coffee without the sugar and cream will create a chemical and the stored fat will disappear quicker.

    Food will always be a trial and error, bearing in mind you will use approx 1000 calories per hour when you run or cycle,

    so may I suggest hitting a big breakfast and having a light meal for lunch and dinner. High protein (no greater than 25 grams per every 2 hours, everyone around you will thank you for that) and a slow release carb diets its all about getting that balance. 


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