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My KASK Mojito saved me - Love your Helmet, save your Melon

Hi All, Thought I would do my bit for Health and Safety and give you all a quick reminder of how we take some of our equipment for granted ....... e.g. Helmets!! The classic pain when a marshal tells you off for not wearing your helmet whilst raking your bike , or when leaving transition. But that little plastic lid is a life saver and whilst we all spend our hard earned ££ on wheels , light aero bottles and fancy GPS watches .......... don't forget to splash out on a proper Helmet because when you need it , you will be thankful that you splashed out on proper "Melon Saving" bit of plastic. Over the weekend I found out first hand just how important they are , I was 2km short of T2 when a lovely chap decided to brake sit up and suddenly stop in the middle of the cycle course, I had no chance , as I was in the process of overtaking and was side swiped whilst going 40km/h ...... not pleasant for either of us ....... but thanks to my trusty Mojito I only came away with road rash, bruised ribs, ankles and elbow's that look like they've gone 10 rounds with a cheese grater ....... but thankfully no head injuries. See the pic and you will appreciate the technology behind the crumple zone in a helmet. So take that onboard and remind yourself that its there for a reason and go out and buy a proper helmet....... !! Thanks to the KASK engineers , you chaps saved me !!
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