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Tubulars or Clinchers?

Reading the last issue of 220, I was surprised to see that Bella Bayliss mentioned that she used tubulars because they were way faster to change after a puncture than clinchers. Am I missing something here? I've always steered clear of tubulars because I thought the opposite was the case that tubulars were lighter and faster but a pain to change. I'd really like to hear from those who have used both. Sorry to be the bike nerd but I DNF'd my A-race of the season due to three punctures so it's a subject close to my heart at the moment!


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Well nobody has replied yet and nature abhors a vacuum

    Not used tubs but for what it's worth neither has Chrissie Wellington, she has always used clinchers and prefers to stick to what she knows
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    You could try tubeless clinchers.Either buying new wheels to accomodate them,or modifying your current ones.
    With rubber technology now far more advanced than in the 50's.when there was a big diffrence between the two.it is purely down to personal preference,tubs,more expensive,but providing you have prepared them properly they can be changed quicker than clinchers.
  • I use Tubs all the time.....training and racing.....

    they are easier to change and you dont have to worry about getting pinch flats like you do with clinchers if your not careful.

    When changing a tub, all you do is rip off the old tub and put the new one on, inflate....ride

    When changing a clincher......remove tyre.....remove inner tube.....check tyre for thorns etc.... put new inner tube in..... feed tyre back onto rim....avoid pinching tube.....check to see if tube has been pinched......inflate......cross fingers that you found the cause of the puncture and that you didnt pinch the tube.....ride yawn

    however make sure your spare tub is pre stretched as you will struggle to get a new one on the rim otherwise. I change my tubs every two years(unless I puncture) the new ones go onto my wheels and the ones I removed will then be my spares as these are pre stretched:)
  • I use clinchers for training and tubs for racing. Use clinchers simply because if I had to buy a new tire every time I punctured I wouldn't be able to afford it!

    Tubs are quicker to change, but make sure you are confident in how to change them if you do, and get used to the force needed to get it on and off the rim. Another note, if you aren't very confident in your gluing skills get your LBS to do it, just make sure you tell them its for triathlons. For cycling, you tend to layer on the glue to make sure there is no way it can roll when you are descending mountains, triathlons have less on, enough to make sure it won't come off, but not too much so you spend an hour trying to rip the damn thing off. Tape is usually good enough for tris
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Not really thought about this at my humble level but from what has been said and after some research it seems tubs have a lot going for them particulalry racing. I also undesrtand that as they take a higher pressure they are also more resistant to punctures in the first place?
  • I agree, some of the info above has opened my eyes a bit. Didn't know you could get tape for tubulars, sounds good for a race. And husslers summary of changing clinchers is bang on. Sounds like you need to do some prep work for tubulars but much better to put in a bit of time at your own pace some evening before a race than struggling with a repair job by the side of the road as everyone passes with that 'glad thats not me' look on their face.
  • I use Tub Tape and it is excellent.....
    Everyone who knows me will tell you I totally smash up bike legs on a tri and I throw the bike around the course like im Valatino Rossi on his Motorbike.... I have never had a problem with the tub skipping off the rim.

    Tubs everytime!! DO IT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    Although the above post saying make sure you know the required force to get the old tub off the rim is true..... Takes a good amount of pushing and pulling to get it started but once the glue seal has been broke then just rip it all off:)

    Get the 19mm width ones too:) less rolling resistance = faster riding:)
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Well Hussler, think you have convinced me

    If I build a new bike then tubs it will be
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    When you have ripped off the old tub (by the side of the road) do you just stick the new tub on the old tape, or do you need to apply new tape to the rim?

  • i have clinchers on my road bike & tubs on my tri bike, preferthe tubs,
    once you get used to changing them they are much quicker, no worries about pinching etc.
    you don't re-tape when you puncture when racing, just stick the new tyre on and take it easy on the bends, re-stick it when youre finished,
    as others have said, make sure your spares are pre-streched.
  • In races I wouldnt use new tape just shove the new one on and race....then after the race take it off again and put some new tape on.
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