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My work has just signed up to the cycle to work scheme and whilst I haven't been thinking about changing my bike previously.........

So........I've got a second hand Carrera Vantage and it's bloody marvelous - I'd guess about £450 - 500 new..............and the stupid question is.......how much better will a £750 - £1000 bike be?

The scheme doesn't include Halfords - so Boardmans are out of the question, and I don't suppose Wiggle is involved either, so that's the Focus range gone - which seems to rule out the big bang-for-buck ranges.

So am I going to notice a huge difference/step up in the bikes performance (bearing in mind I'm a very average rider - av speed 25 - 30km/h), or am I just being blinded by the thought of bling


  • Wiggle is in a cycle to work scheme, but it may not be the same as yours - as there appears to be quite a few popping up. Worth checking before ruling it out!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have heard that Cube bikes are well specced & will be well priced this coming season...last years (09) are pretty tidy too.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi Linds
    If the present bike is up to scratch why - shock horror - spend the dosh?

    In my own triathlon journey I started with a £60 Halfords MTB, then got a £500 Giant SCR2. I then stepped up to a Focus tri bike principally for the geometry, however the difference in the components was so obvious. Gears click up and down smoothly, brakes work!!! so yes there can be a difference, it all depends on what components you have now.

    If you choose wisely then you can get a bike where the sepearte cost of the components alone equate to the bike's price so you effectively get the frame and assembly for free( as with my Focus Izalco - but that was through chance rather than design). This gives you the option later (if they are well specced components) of swapping them over to a higher spec frame.

    It's a pity Wiggle isn't in your scheme but they certainly are in the Cycle to Work scheme:
  • Don't listen to him .... buy the most bling and expensive and well spec'd bike as you can.

    You need to. You won't feel complete until you do.

    Then when you've done it - post pics on here and enjoy her ( you have to name your bike too)
  • Some companies have a dedicated shop that you have to use for the cycle to work scheme. Do you know if they have appointed one?
  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    I'm shocked - fancy someone makign a sensible suggestion :roll:

    I know i don't need a new bike, the wife will go nuts, and I will look a right wally/BlingKing as people fly past me on much cheaper bikes, but it is nice to dream of a new bike - and there are some bloody gorgeous bikes out there

    Of course i can resist.......................
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